PROPANE  05/05/20 2:16:10 PM

Insurance regulations and industry standards require scheduled systematic leak checks and inspections of home propane systems, from the propane tank to each propane applinance at least every five years. If yours falls into this category, you will have received a letter requesting you to call for an appointment. There is no charge for this unless repairs are required.

Regulators are also required to be replaced every 15 years. You may have also received a letter to this effect. There is a charge for this as it requires parts that are part of you system.

With winter just around the corner, it would be a good time to assess your tank needs for the upcoming season. If you have a need for additional tanks, anywhere from 20# 30# or 40# for campers, to 120 gallon 500 gallon or 1000 gallon for home or ag use, give us a call. We also place tanks for construction or temporary hook-ups with hoses and regulators for rent. No job is to big or to small.

Please remember to practice safety when propane is concerned. Propane is as safe as you make it. If you suspect a propane leak or smell propane, call us immediatly. Do not turn any light switches on or off and place the call from a neighbors phone, or call from a cell phone outside.

Feel free to call us for any of your propane needs at (605) 693-5548.

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